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Moments of Madness

Moments of Madness: deciding to install a beachside pool at the Dunes two months before we finish!!!

If you read our last blog you might understand the title of this one. Yes, it’s true - as we approached the completion of the first Villa in our beautiful micro resort we decided to install a beachside swimming pool. Feedback has shown that buyers want this amenity and as quality developers, we want to make our buyers happy. And to be honest, as I spend time in the Villa and look out on the beach, I have to agree with them. Sipping a cold glass of Chardonnay from your private upper beach pool while looking out on Smiths Reef is a true “Own the Moment” thing to do. So, the lucky owners of the Villa 1 will have the best of both worlds and be able to choose from both a spectacular central pool oasis and a relaxing beachside retreat depending on how the mood and the trade winds take them.

Own the Moment – Beachside Pool View

I was at the resort today, and it was an absolute hive of activity. Top End (the best cabinetmakers I know) was busy installing the custom cabinets, and it was probably the busiest I have seen the development in terms of trades on site. Robert, our electrician was working on lighting (all LED and low energy of course). The plumber was hard at work installing the beautiful bathroom fixtures. Tiling was being completed inside and out, stonework was being finished off and painting galore! And, lucky me I got to spend the morning unloading a 40’ container in 32 deg. heat. What joy!!!! But worth it if the prize was seeing some of our fantastic furniture finally arrive from Italy.

Top End – doing their magic The joists go in – ready for the Epe Decking

This was also Technology Week and the Dunes. Graeme flew in from Scotland to supervise the installation and as you will see from the photo below couldn’t resist getting his hands dirty. When we designed the resort we wanted to make sure that a villa would have the latest technology (that will work on island)… for browsing the Internet, streaming movies, listening to personal music choices and generally doing all the things we expect do with our devices these days. Importantly we were also installing technology that supports taking care of you when it matters.

Graeme McKay - pulling cable

As with everything at The Dunes, quality has been our watchword during this process. That’s why for us, names like SONOS, Samsung, Ruckus and of course my personal favourite, Nest were top of the list when it came to choosing electronic

components. The geeks amongst you will be happy to know the Villa has a dedicated and air-conditioned “comms. room” and an infrastructure that recognizes we are on a 350 ft. deep lot built with concrete walls . Fiber land Cat 6 cables run throughout the property with lots of extra ports should you need to add a device or two that we have forgotten.

Externally, things were equally busy. Ground was being leveled, driveways laid, paths prepared, external lighting installed and our spectacular stone walls finally finished.

Feature stone wall of the Oasis Pool – nearing completion

Cedar lining really finishes off the Balconies

We started this development with one clear goal. We wanted to build a home for a buyer that would thank us for years to come, for the quality and care that has gone into their home. While we still have a few weeks to go I think we have more than met that goal. We have personally monitored every piece of the build (ask the construction workers who think I am mad when I ask them to vacuum behind the walls and on top of cabinets before they are closed up) and been involved every step of the way. This gives us confidence as we prepare to launch the marketing of the completed Villa 1 later this year.

When a buyer takes possession of this beautiful home, we want them to know that it’s not just what they see on the outside they can be proud of, but know that they can trust what the don’t see the bones of the structure. We are developers who love this island and care about reputation. We hope when you get a chance to come by and visit The Dunes you’ll see that for yourselves.

Till next time


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