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What does it really mean to balance “Environmental responsibility with Contemporary design” as we claim on our website?

At Dunes Development Group, it means taking care of what you have even before you begin construction….. So, to support our core values, before we began construction on "the Dunes" this week we had experts from Environmental Arts tell us exactly what gems were hidden amongst the scrub and bushes. Interestingly, we made some important discoveries. We found that we had some trees that had been there for well over 50 years that would be impossible to replace - orchids and other special plants (sorry don’t have all the names) - that deserved to be protected. So we are protecting them. During construction we will move our precious trees and plants to a temporary home, take really good care of them and bring them back to the site when the time is right. Also, using Environmental Arts' expert knowledge, we are also looking at ways to restore and preserve the Turtle Cove dunes, which are an important and unique part of the Grace Bay experience. More to come on this........

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