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Maintaining the integrity of the spectacular dunes that front on to our beach is of paramount importance for Dunes Development Group.

Apart from their obvious beauty, these naturally formed features are quite unique to the Princess Alexandria National Park and form a greatly valued and important barrier against storm surges that can from time to time occur in TCI. It was of course these same dunes that were the inspiration for our corporate and development name, so it is only natural that we feel a little protective. We are working closely with SWA Architects and landscaping specialists, Environmental Arts to ensure that we preserve and enhance their beauty as we progress through the construction phase. As with everything we do at the Dunes, we have studied the landscape options very carefully, asking the age-old question. How can we be both environmentally responsible and enhance our future owners beach experience at the same time? Our research has shown us that with the right design not only can we protect and enhance our dunes but in the process we can create a very one-of-a-kind beach experience for the future owners and guests at the property. The secret is not to flatten out the space but to create a “second dune line”. We are now in the process of creating a “second dune line” that is being formed directly in front of the terraces, which will create a private beach, accessed directly off the terrace. This area will preserve much of the natural dune planting but will also provide “nestling” areas where sun loungers with umbrellas and other sumptuous beach furniture can be arranged, all with complete privacy from the public beach. This new white sand area is currently under development by Environmental Arts and our contractor; Kvanar using both refined on-site soil and legally imported beach sand from Turks and Caicos. The greatest advantage of the Dunes is its location directly in front of the best walk-in spot for snorkelling at Smiths Reef, Grace Bay’s most famous snorkelling destination. In effect purchasers of the Dunes will be doubly blessed they own a property in a spectacular natural environment and are tucked away from the public view with the opportunity to customize their beach experience while enjoying the pampering of Grace Bay Resorts on-site beach and poolside services. …………….Own the Moment

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