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It’s been a while since I have written an update on our progress on Phase 1 at The Dunes and honestly that’s because at this stage of the build it’s just a question of doing the work and not a lot of exciting things are going on that seem compelling enough to write about.

Of course, lots of important things happen every day - electrical, plumbing, rendering, more concrete, but not work that inspires a lot of writing, albeit very important to get right…and we focus on that every day. Only 80 days till Villa 1 will be complete…. So why have I titled this piece “Moment of Amazingness”? During this build, as you can imagine, we are knee deep in the construction proce

Finally, about three weeks ago we had our first marriage proposal. A young couple had walked along the

beach at sunset looking for a special place to picnic. The girl had no idea that her partner was about to propose and was unaware of the plan. When they reached the beach in front of the Dunes, they decided it was the perfect place for the sunset picnic. As the sun went down, Justin dropped to one knee, heart racing, and asked the question. Fortunately Lisa said YES and they plan to marry in Canada next year. We wish them every happiness in the future.

People choose to buy a home in Turks and Caicos because they know it’s one of the most beautiful spots on earth. The Dunes will offer the Owner every luxury and the amazing service and care that comes with being a member of the Grace Bay Resorts family is second to none. What they may not know, is that the beauty of this place is not just about the beach and the luxury. It's an intangible atmosphere that can only be experienced when you spend time here. It truly is a question of opening yourself up to Moment of Amazingness. They will happen…… Own The Moment..... Warm regards Your Developers, Tom and Catherine

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