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specializes in commercial, industrial and residential construction, delivering high quality, on time and competitively priced projects.

Kvanar will provide the services, expertise, management & commitment to deliver the Dunes Development Group's scheme, on budget, on time and to the highest standards. Modern construction practices require high standards of management, technical competence and leadership to deliver successful projects. Their staff are well trained and hard working people who enjoy the challenges that construction provides. Kvanar offers a complete construction service through negotiated or tendered contracts and provides a full range of construction management services. Through co-ordination of direct labour, sub-contractors and suppliers, buildings can be handed over complete with furniture, landscaped grounds and even installed business systems if required. The company works as a team member with the client, architects, consultants, engineers and sub-contractors to solve problems and to accommodate special needs. All the while, Kvanar insures progress is maintained on the desired critical path. The Dunes Development Group’s scheme is a project which will require a high level of management expertise and attention to detail to achieve the desired finished product, a challenge which is the focus of Kvanar's philosophy & commitment. The company strives to be sensitive to the needs of its clients and Kvanar can fast track work (including 24 hours a day, seven days a week if necessary) to ensure successful completion. As illustrated by the size, type & quality of projects Kvanar is currently undertaking, completion of the Dunes Development Group’s project is well within the capabilities and the knowledge base, management & expertise of the company and we look forward to being part of the team that will bring it to a successful fruition.

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