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After a challenging few weeks, we have a bit of good news to share: the Grace Bay area fared well in Hurricane Maria, our team is safe, and our reopening preparations remain on schedule with Grace Bay Club welcoming guests on September 30 and West Bay Club on October 1.

While Providenciales’ location on the far west end of the Turks & Caicos Islands archipelago provided a large buffer between us and the eye of Hurricane Maria, our prayers are with family and friends on our sister islands located to the east—particularly Grand Turk—that unfortunately experienced greater impact from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Both the public and private sector in partnership have given full support to clean up and recovery efforts on Providenciales and our sister islands. Our hearts also go out to fellow Caribbean islands who are now in the early stages of recovering from these devastating hurricanes.

The entire Grace Bay Resorts team is grateful for the many caring notes and encouragement we have received - it means the world to our team! Grace Bay Resorts has been hard at work assisting our team members impacted by hurricane damage, providing housing assistance and other critical services. We continue to accept donations on behalf of those team members, and we thank those who have already contributed. Please visit the following link for information:

We will continue to provide updates on operations throughout Grace Bay Resorts and the islands, here: We would also like to share the following joint statement from the Turks & Caicos Islands Ministry of Tourism and Turks & Caicos Islands Tourist Board regarding Hurricane Maria:

The Turks and Caicos has done a full assessment of our islands and communities and are pleased to report that there has been no lasting damage in the wake of Hurricane Maria's passage. Electricity, water and communication is intact and businesses are up and running. All flights in and out of Providenciales, South Caicos and Grand Turk have resumed normal operations as of Saturday morning, our hoteliers and destination partners are working at full speed and continuing their preparations to re-open, and our beaches and beautiful islands stand strong and ready to welcome guests.

It's the simple, vivid snapshots that we remember in our lives: 


A gasp of wonder as you glimpse the ocean from your private balcony. True spirituality as you complete your beachside yoga practice. A sense of responsibility for the coral reef seascape as you emerge from your walk-in dive steps from your door........ a pounding heart as you anticipate your next visit. 


Brought to you by Dunes Development Group. Building for your moment.

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